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Building Online Communities - Great Exampkes But Still a Ways to Go.

BY Allison Fine | Friday, May 18 2007

Just finished my session on Building Powerful Online Communities: Best Practices. The panelists included me, Ian Bogost talking about gaming, Matt Lewis of, James Rucker of ColorofChange and Heather ... Read More

Hallway Chatter

BY Allison Fine | Friday, May 18 2007

Few thoughts from the hallway outside the main hall here at PDF: Dana Boyd and Matt Stoller rock. No line at the ladies room - I love tech conferences! Read More

Friedman – The World is Flat II

BY Allison Fine | Friday, May 18 2007

Great talk/reading (from his version 3.0 of his book coming out later this year) by Tom Friedman. Basically, he believes flattening is intensifying everywhere he goes. Read More

Tom Friedman/Eric Schmidt Conversation

BY Allison Fine | Friday, May 18 2007

Interesting, if a bit low-key, conversation between Tom Friedman (NY Times) and Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. A bit like our own PDF MBA seminar, in Schmidt’s defense, it is very early CA time for much pep. Read More

PDF Off and Running!

BY Allison Fine | Friday, May 18 2007

I’m here at PDF this morning, clicking, typing, surfing with hundreds of other folks here. Larry Lessig, professor at Stanford and founder of Creative Commons, is the first speaker of the day and he provided a ... Read More

From the "I Couldn't Make This Up" Files

BY Allison Fine | Thursday, November 2 2006

I corresponded today with a PhD student at Princeton working with a team of computer scientists to examine the efficacy of the new electronic voting machines. From the category of “Couldn’t Possibly be Made Up”, ... Read More

Moving On

BY Allison Fine | Monday, October 23 2006

The last few weeks, people have been patting me on the back and congratulating me for my recently published book, Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age. What an accomplishment! they say, it must feel ... Read More