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[Op-Ed] The Future of Open Government in New York City

BY Noel Hidalgo | Friday, September 13 2013

NYC's old voting machines look a lot like this one at the Smithsonian

In this guest op-ed, Noel Hidalgo, the program manager for Code for America in NYC and co-founder of BetaNYC, looks back over the city's mixed record of open government initiatives, and asks whether recent progress will be continued by the new crop of candidates emerging from this past week's primary votes.

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NYC's Council Member Brewer bridging the Digital Divide

BY Noel Hidalgo | Thursday, March 29 2007

After spending a week discussing with the global south about the digital divide, I find my self back in NYC, amazed at New York City Council Member Gail Brewer's staff bridging our own digital divide. Read More - let the data shine in!

BY Noel Hidalgo | Wednesday, February 28 2007 just installed a new sunroof on the big dome. Read More

Civicspace is Reborn

BY Noel Hidalgo | Tuesday, January 30 2007

This weekend, Civicspace on Demand (CSoD) launched. For $50 bucks a month you get a "complete, integrated solution for your community website, online donations, blast email, and supporter database needs." If you thought ... Read More

SecondLife Fundraising and Political Activity

BY Noel Hidalgo | Tuesday, December 12 2006

Save the Children goes into SecondLife Fundraising and Political Activity Save the Children has decided to create a Yak Shack for online fundraising. Their SL Yak cost 1000 Linden dollars (US$3.50). Mind you - this is ... Read More

What is GovCamp?

BY Noel Hidalgo | Saturday, August 12 2006

First there was foo camp, a no-structure, no plan, yet invite only, tent on the lawns, hacker event hosted by publisher uber geek Tim O'Reilly. Then there was barcamp, an international network of unconferences -- open, ... Read More

myGOP - success or failure?

BY Noel Hidalgo | Thursday, July 20 2006

It has been almost two months since myGOP, the GOP MySpace, was to host a national "opportunity" to win five "special Republican edition iPods." Who were the top five? How much did the GOP rase? Why is the ask still on ... Read More

Advokit 1.0: An Open-Source Voter Contact Management Tool

BY Noel Hidalgo | Friday, June 23 2006

Last week, Advokit version 1.0 was released. It’s been a long two years since I first laid my hands on this open-source, web based voter contact management tool. It was late in the summer of 2004 and the New York State ... Read More