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re: The Big Spill and Enviro Web Traffic [Guest Post]

BY Editors | Tuesday, June 22 2010

Josh Nelson is a blogger, activist and new media consultant. We're pleased to host his commentary here on the blog. -- the editors Read More

A Look at Cory Booker, the Social Media Mayor

BY Editors | Wednesday, March 24 2010

We're pleased to offer this guest post by Lauren Donia, a graduate student at American University affiliated with that school's Center for Social Media. The original post is here. -- the editors Read More

Going Mobile: How Nonprofits are Using Mobile

BY Editors | Tuesday, November 10 2009

We are happy to announce and would like to invite you to the second in a series of seminars we have begun with Baruch College’s Center for Non-Profit Strategy and Management, focusing on how technology is changing ... Read More

Daily Digest | Reimagining 21st Century Citizenship

BY Editors | Friday, August 7 2009

National Broadband Workshop Reimagines 21st Century Citizenship The enduring lesson from yesterday morning's workshop on the Federal Communication Commission's National Broadband Plan? Americans need accessible, ... Read More

Daily Digest | OFA Calls Base to Townhalls

BY Editors | Thursday, August 6 2009

OFA Challenges List to Counter "Special Interests" During August Health Care Battle On the difficult question of is it astroturf?, Organizing for America has its take. The field arm of the Democratic National Committee ... Read More

Daily Digest | Is Astroturfing Dead?

BY Editors | Wednesday, August 5 2009

Is "Astroturfing" Dead? The question arises in the context of the disruptions of and protests outside townhalls on health care, captured in videos that we highlighted yesterday. Here's a case where the political and ... Read More

Daily Digest | Townhall Showdowns

BY Editors | Tuesday, August 4 2009

Townhall Showdowns Are Being Caught on YouTube, But to Whose Benefit? If you've been watching the YouTube videos floating around of elected officials like Lloyd Doggett or Arlen Specter or Tim Bishop getting shouted ... Read More

Daily Digest | Birthers of a Nation

BY Editors | Monday, August 3 2009

Birthers of a Nation: How the Obama "Birth Certificate" Issue is Playing Online The news that American Southerners are the most likely to question whether President Obama is actually a native-born citizen got a lot of ... Read More

Daily Digest | Inside Organizing for America's Ground Game

BY Editors | Friday, July 31 2009

Faces of Health Care Reform: Inside Organizing for America's Ground Game Last week, we floated the idea that what Organizing for America was doing in collecting personal health care narratives from supporters amounted ... Read More