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PDF12: Sharing More Details on the Main Conference Program

BY Chris Wong | Thursday, May 17 2012

With less than a month before this year's Personal Democracy Forum, we're getting very close to finalizing our program. We wanted to take some time, however, to share some more details as the program comes together.

As you know, our theme this year is The Internet's New Political Power, and we have a number of great speakers whose talks will go to the heart of an emerging new world. After all, while we've known for a long time that the Internet was enabling all kinds of new political forces, what we didn't know, until recently, was whether the Internet itself could be a major political cause with its constituency.

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PDF 2012 Theme: The Internet's New Political Power

BY Chris Wong | Tuesday, April 17 2012

There's a new story materializing, and it's not just about the public Internet anymore. It's about what happens when enough people come to see the open and free Internet as part of their identity, and they act with it to defend it. It's about the Internet public — and what happens when that public starts getting political. Thus, we're pleased to announce that the theme for Personal Democracy Forum 2012 will be "The Internet's New Political Power." Read More