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Technology Hybrids and 2008

BY Patrick Ruffini | Thursday, July 5 2007

How do you bridge the divide between reaching the energized core on the Internet and the masses through traditional voter contact? Don't expect Web 2.0 to do it on its own. You've got to build hooks between the new and ... Read More

Are MittTV and HillaryHub Innovative?

BY Patrick Ruffini | Thursday, June 28 2007

I'd just as soon not bring this up, as I've probably had beers with most of the people involved with this topic. But I feel that the cause of good, solid reporting on what Presidential eCampaignmeisters is worth setting ... Read More

Kathleen Parker & America Offline

BY Patrick Ruffini | Monday, June 25 2007

Think web video is going to sweep the land in 2008? Kathleen Parker offers a contrarian view (via Josh Levy's indispensable daily roundup): Yes, it's hard to believe if you're a tuned-in, turned-on popular culture ... Read More

I Am Not a Web Guy

BY Patrick Ruffini | Wednesday, June 20 2007

What Zack Exley has written here is truly wise, and bears repeating until every campaign manager and general consultant has heard it loud and clear. Don't hire an Internet person! So I think that all of us “Internet ... Read More

Tale of the Tape: Hillary and Romney

BY Patrick Ruffini | Tuesday, June 19 2007

In his previous post, Alan Rosenblatt asks if anything a campaign has ever produced has gone viral. I'd say this has a decent shot. Only two videos this campaign cycle were worth me pulling my apolitical wife aside, and ... Read More

Hillary's Neverending Song Contest

BY Patrick Ruffini | Monday, June 18 2007

UPDATE: Lo and behold, they announce it this morning. (Mere coincidence? Or tP getting results?) The "announcement" video is buzzworthy if somewhat odd -- are Bill and Hillary supposed get whacked? Watch here. A month ... Read More