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Intellipedia Having Growing Pains? These Things Take Time

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, February 20 2009

This week's Government Computer News features an update on Intellipedia, the Intelligence Community's internal version of Wikipedia. While the project is going well, IC social software advocate Chris Rasmussen says that ... Read More

A-Space: An Avenue for Developer-Government Engagement

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, February 19 2009

What is A-Space? It has been the most publicized government IT project in a long time, but media coverage simply describes it as "Facebook for Spies." Yes, it's a social network that will finally let intelligence ... Read More

Can DC Draw Techies from Silicon Valley?

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, February 17 2009

Matt Asay in CNET asks, "Where will all the Techies go?". Silicon Valley is just now feeling the effects of the economic downturn. With fewer jobs for all those programmers, where will they land after their layoff? Let's ... Read More

Worldwide Terrorism Incidents: a great dataset for open government data geeks

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, February 13 2009

The National Counterterrorism Center has published a huge data set on its Web site. The Worldwide Incidents Tracking System has a few thousand records of violent acts going back to 2004, and it's begging to be downloaded ... Read More

Attention Portland-area developers

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, February 12 2009

One of the most profound changes that developers can bring to democracy is election reform. The need for open source election software hit home when I saw Hacking Democracy on HBO in 2007. (The full movie is not online, ... Read More

What does Hoekstra's blunder mean for Twitter?

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, February 7 2009

Congress has been actively Twittering for a few months now, and while I'm unsure it has directly led to any immediate, tangible successes, it's great to see our leaders keeping us updated. Only good can come from that. ... Read More

ShiftSpace releases Congressional call archival tool

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, February 3 2009

Imagine: you read an article about a bill in Congress. You think, "What's my senator's stance on this bill?" So you click a button in your Web browser, which then dials the senator's office, records your phone call, and ... Read More

Bob Gourley on National IT Security

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, January 30 2009

A few weeks ago, I posted here an excerpt from an upcoming book on coming national security threats. My own chapter deals with the place of IT in confronting those threats. The book--Threats In the Age of Obama ... Read More

Updates from the intelligence world

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, January 28 2009

Last Wednesday, on President Obama's first full day in office, outgoing Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell signed Intelligence Community Directive 501. If you're interested in government systems and how ... Read More

A real way for superstar geeks to help The Man

BY Matthew Burton | Monday, January 26 2009

In June, I wrote an essay about the need for geeks to work directly with their government in order to improve it. Admittedly, it is difficult for industry stars to leap into a government job that fits their career ... Read More