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ALERT: White House seeking applicants for New Media directors

BY Matthew Burton | Sunday, March 22 2009

In November, I wrote that the new administration might call upon the tech community to help improve government, and that if they gave us the opportunity, we would have to make good on it. That opportunity is here. Read More, a clearinghouse for civic hackers

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, March 19 2009

The Web has exploded with government-oriented tech communities, APIs, data stores, mailing lists and conferences over the past year. If you're a geek who's just getting started in this realm, you might be drowning. Where ... Read More

The Paradox of Transparency

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, March 18 2009

Right as we were learning yesterday that Vivek Kundra was back on the job, Tim O'Reilly posted a small essay on the lesson we've learned from his leave: uncovering wrongdoing can make you look bad. O'Reilly writes, The ... Read More

Google Earth Politics: California bill seeks to Cheney-ize public buildings

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, March 10 2009

The last month has been interesting for the Google Earth-is-a-national-security-threat set: First, the DC Naval Observatory--home to the Vice President--emerged from several years of obscurity to appear in high-res glory ... Read More

Beckstrom resigns his title, but hopefully not his mission

BY Matthew Burton | Monday, March 9 2009

Rod Beckstrom, director of the Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Center, resigned on Friday. He'd held the position for just under a year. Read More

A Request to CIO Kundra: Get Bureaucrats Involved in

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, March 6 2009

We all have wishes for what Federal CIO Vivek Kundra will do during his term. The item at the top of my list concerns, which Kundra mentioned yesterday to the press: Kundra, in conference call today with ... Read More

On the day of Kundra's appointment, an example of why it's important

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, March 5 2009

Today, we found out that Vivek Kundra, a proven government IT innovator, would be in charge of the technology that runs the federal government. It's hard for most people to realize why such a job is so important: The ... Read More

New York Senate seeking ideas for MTA budget

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, March 3 2009

New York State's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which oversees NYC subways and buses and two metro train systems, faces a $1.2 billion deficit this year. A quarter of the deficit is caused by the reduction of ... Read More

UK Government Announces Open Source Action Plan

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, February 27 2009

The UK Government has announced an official policy towards open source software: it's good. Read More

New President, Same Attitude Toward Internal Emails

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, February 26 2009

Back in November, I wrote an update on the saga of the missing White House emails. For some, the Bush administration's reticence to retrieve the missing emails (as requested by an ongoing lawsuit) was emblematic of their ... Read More