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Social Software and National Security: An Initial Net Assessment

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, April 18 2009

This week, Mark Drapeau and Linton Wells, both of National Defense University, published a definitive study of the implications of social software on national security. Working in both arenas, I'm often frustrated by the ... Read More

The DNC Has an Innovation Lab, And They're Hiring

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, April 16 2009

A few months ago, the GOP released an API. Now the Democrats have apparently launched a new Innovation Labs office in the DNC's technology department. From the Craigslist job announcement: Read More

Yet Another Post About Twitter

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, April 10 2009

Over a Federal Times, Elise Castelli writes about two recent federal applications of Twitter: When the Food and Drug Administration recalled salmonella-tainted pistachio products last week, about 3,000 people found out ... Read More

White House Financial Disclosure Requests Are Now Electronic

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, April 3 2009

Fastest. Government. Information. Request. Turnaround. Evar. Okay, so that doesn't really work with six words. But I'm impressed. A few weeks ago, the White House announced that its employees' financial disclosure forms ... Read More

Novell VP Dragoon Advocates for Open Source in Government

BY Matthew Burton | Monday, March 30 2009

Novell Vice President John Dragoon has joined Scott McNealy in endorsing government adoption of open source software. In his column in Forbes, he writes, Read More

Open For Questions Needs MORE Pot Smokers!

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, March 28 2009

In the aftermath of Thursday's Virtual Town Hall, most of us in the tech-politics arena have been pondering one question: How do we improve upon this system to create a better virtual democracy experience? The ... Read More

Gov2.0 Camp is over, but something else is starting

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, March 28 2009

I'm in DC this weekend for the Gov2.0 Unconference, a semi-formal get-together to discuss all sorts of topics in the government/politics/technology/transparency milieu: mobile platforms for emergency management; how to ... Read More

LIVE at Gov2.0 Camp: Bev Godwin taking questions via Twitter re: Open For Questions

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, March 28 2009

Bev Godwin, director of, is on stage right now until 2:15 eastern taking comments and questions via Twitter about Open For Questions: how did they do, and how can they do it better? Use Twitter hashtag #askwh and ... Read More

NASA CIO Kemp getting flack for pushing open data "fad"

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, March 27 2009

A few days ago, I wrote about Chris Kemp, the CIO of NASA's Ames Research Center, and his experimentation with a more modern information philosophy. His post on the future of NASA's Web presence was soon followed with ... Read More

NASA CIO solicits input, gets none (UPDATED)

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, March 25 2009

This is two months old, but we missed it: Chris Kemp, the CIO of NASA's Ames Research Center (the place responsible for the just-launched Kepler satellite and the next-generation Mars rovers), wrote a blog post about the ... Read More