You are not logged in. LOG IN NOW > Are Politicians Using Twitter For All the Wrong Reasons?

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, May 16 2009, David Cohn's community-funded journalism project, published a story today about politicians and their use of social media. The story asks whether these tools--primarily Twitter--are allowing elected officials to ... Read More

Intellipedia Curators Nominated for Service To America Medal

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, May 14 2009

Sean Dennehy and Don Burke, the CIA's lead curators and advocates for Intellipedia, have been nominated for the Service To America medal: When Sean Dennehy and Don Burke were tasked with increasing knowledge sharing ... Read More

Steven Chu Vents About IT Bureaucracy at DoE

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, May 12 2009

I spent a few years working for the Department of Defense, and their information security standards make using a computer pretty tedious: there's zero wireless access. You work from three different computers, each hooked ... Read More

For $10 Million, You Can Have Your Data Back

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, May 9 2009

"For $10 million, you can have your ship data back." Now this is interesting. With both sea piracy and cyber security in the news lately, someone had an idea: combine the two. Last week, someone broke into a Virginia Web ... Read More

Wilmington's Move Against Simple, Cheap Transparency

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, April 30 2009

The Wilmington, Delaware city council makes audio recordings of its meetings. This Tuesday, the council did something pretty lame: it voted down a measure to post those recordings online. The logic: it's better to keep ... Read More

The Intelligence Community Seeks Everyday Web Users...And Developers (UPDATED)

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, April 29 2009

Recently, my netfriend Jeffrey Carr wrote an O'Reilly Radar piece about BRIDGE, the Intelligence Comunity's testbed for new community and analysis tools. He focused mainly on the user angle: anyone can sign up for BRIDGE ... Read More

Kundra Drops More Hints About Government Tech Procurement

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, April 29 2009

Last week, Vivek Kundra spoke about an extremely important topic with an extremely boring name: government technology procurement. What he said has huge implications for everyday developers. These developers have always ... Read More

US Hires Hackers to Defend Networks...But Can They Be Hired?

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, April 25 2009

I stumbled upon this article a few days ago: General Dynamics Information Technology put out an ad last month on behalf of the Homeland Security Department...Applicants, it said, must understand hackers' tools and ... Read More

The Voting Machine Lobby's Take on Open Source Voting Software

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, April 21 2009

Companies who make proprietary products do not like open source alternatives to those products. They view open source products as a threat. Partly because they're free, but mainly because they have more potential. So if ... Read More

GOSCON is coming to DC

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, April 18 2009

Another sign that open source software is inching its way into government: GOSCON--the Government Open Source Conference--is coming to DC. The conference will be held later this year on a yet-to-be-determined date, in ... Read More