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Developer? Here's a Project That Needs Your Input

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, June 17 2009

My favorite thing to complain about is government systems: how bad they are, how unnecessarily expensive major contractors are, and how everyday Web developers could do much better work for a much lower price. But it's ... Read More

On The Weaponization of the Collaborative Web

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, June 16 2009

Around this time yesterday, I, along with countless others, tried to bring down the Web sites of Iran's information and justice ministries, and state-sponsored media outlets. The idea was to silence the pro-Ahmadenijad, ... Read More

Something's Happening In Iran

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, June 13 2009

That headline is intentionally vague: it's hard to know, from short tweets and jerky YouTube videos, how widespread the protests are. the scale of what we're watching. All we know is that it's interesting; that you can ... Read More

Follow the Iranian Election (And Watch the Aftermath)

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, June 11 2009

This time tomorrow, Iran may have a new president-elect. The polls opened just over an hour ago, and if you're awake, you can get tech-related updates on Twitter via @Iran09: Mousavi's #election site had been under DDOS ... Read More

DoT Tries a More Democratic Approach to Design

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, June 6 2009

A few days ago, the Department of Transportation launched a project with the University of Utah to design a better bus stop: instead of the typical "open meetings and workshops," Next Stop Design is seeking design ... Read More

Gov2.0 Presentations to Kick Off Internet Week NYC Tomorrow

BY Matthew Burton | Sunday, May 31 2009

If you're in New York this week, take note that it is Internet Week. It kicks off Monday night with the fourth gathering of IgniteNYC, where I (along with 13 others) will be giving a 5-minute presentation, with 20 slides ... Read More

Rushkoff's Take on the Obama Cyber Security Plan

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, May 30 2009

Following yesterday's announcement about the Obama Administration's cyber security plans, Douglas Rushkoff has responded by expounding on his own idea (which I've mentioned here before) for a public-based distributed ... Read More

White House seeks to nuture budding hackers

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, May 26 2009

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Pentagon's plan to hire more cyber security experts, and voiced skepticism that the most talented people would go to work for the government: such people love their independence, and ... Read More

Who says you have to join the CIA in order to spy?

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, May 22 2009

Having worked as an intelligence analyst for a few years at the Department of Defense, I try to dispel the notion that the job requires a special skillset. It doesn't. It is simply research, and the job is little ... Read More

NYC posts school attendance numbers

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, May 21 2009

While national attention on swine flu seems to have dwindled, the issue has new life in New York City this week following the Sunday death of a Queens assistant principal. Attendance rates at New York schools are still ... Read More