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Making Sense of NYC's Public Data

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, September 16 2009

Back in August, we organized a few get-togethers in New York for those interested in the mayor's BigApps contest. During those sessions, we dug around and found that the city already publishes a LOT of data: GIS maps, ... Read More

Two Reports Call Out Obama on Transparency

BY Matthew Burton | Sunday, September 13 2009

Among Barack Obama's more memorable pledges upon entering the White House was to create "an unprecedented level of openness in Government." This past week, two reports graded the Administration's commitment to this ... Read More

Apps for Army's Not a Spinoff

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, September 11 2009

It's hard for government agencies to innovate. They know their problems better than any outsider, yet the bureaucracy forces them to rely on such outsiders to solve those problems. If a desk worker has an idea, it stands ... Read More

Next Stop Design: Three Months Later

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, September 4 2009

Three months ago, I wrote here about Next Stop Design, a project by the Department of Transportation and the University of Utah that is requesting public submissions for a new bus stop design. Back then, there were only ... Read More

DHS Revises Border Laptop Seizure Rules

BY Matthew Burton | Sunday, August 30 2009

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security revealed that its border patrol agents are allowed to seize laptops without cause, to hold them indefinitely (the official wording was "for a reasonable amount of time," ... Read More

CDC Readies for Flu Season

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, August 28 2009

It's almost flu season, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is ready with a social media outreach strategy: embeddable widgets, Twitter feeds, email and SMS updates, blogger outreach, and even a virtual ... Read More

Russia's Apparent (Mafia-backed) Civilian Cyber Corps

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, August 27 2009

One year ago this month, Russia and Georgia fought a 10-day war over two breakaway Georgian republics. Georgia launched the first attacks, and when Russia responded a day later, its air assault coincided with heavy ... Read More

San Fran's Open Data Project Launches

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, August 20 2009

Two months ago, we found a Craigslist post requesting volunteers to help the city of San Francisco create their own version of The site--DataSF--just launched, and while it's no, it's definitely a ... Read More Launches...A Link Farm

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, August 18 2009

Yesterday, the Department of Defense launched a new site, It appears to be targeted at the general public, whereas its standard site,, has always felt like it was serving those in the defense ... Read More

Diebold (post-name change) Fills Some Holes

BY Matthew Burton | Sunday, August 16 2009

Imagine that every time you voted in an election, you handed your marked ballot to a company that, before revealing the results to the public, counted the results in a back room, completely out of public view. That is ... Read More