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A Killer App for the Age of Gotcha Politics

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, April 21 2010

Ms. Kagan, considered by some Democrats as the most likely candidate, could be hard for Republicans to block given her lack of a judicial paper trail... That's from a recent New York Times article on potential Supreme ... Read More

For better OGD compliance, don't force it. Sell it.

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, April 14 2010

Many of us are disappointed by last week's Open Government Directive reports, particularly as they concern the release of data. I think it's pretty obvious what happened. Read More

Book Excerpt: A Peace Corps For Developers

BY Matthew Burton | Monday, February 8 2010

In the coming weeks, O'Reilly Media will publish Open Government, a collection of new essays on how technology can make DC more transparent and efficient. Today, O'Reilly released a preview (PDF) of the book that ... Read More

The Death of BRIDGE: The US Government's IT Failure of the Year

BY Matthew Burton | Wednesday, January 6 2010

Back in October, the Director of National Intelligence killed a program called BRIDGE. (I've written about BRIDGE here before.) As such a vocal advocate of BRIDGE with a financial interest in its success, my bias is ... Read More

The GOP on Twitter: They've Got Followers. But Do They Have an Audience?

BY Matthew Burton | Friday, October 2 2009

We can actually answer these questions. Twitter's API and robust URL shorteners make it easy. The below is by no means a scientific study: I chose a few tweets from four most popular representatives on Twitter (all ... Read More

Apple Blocks Health Care Advocacy App

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, September 29 2009

Apple has taken heat recently for blocking seemingly benign and, in some case very helpful, iPhone apps submissions--most notably Google's Voice app. Now, an independent developer is claiming that his app, iSinglePayer, ... Read More

VA's Innovation Competition Isn't New or Sexy, but It's What We're After

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, September 24 2009

From the not-so-glamorous corner of government comes a positive sign that it is getting smarter about technology. The VA has launched an innovation competition for its employees, letting them submit ideas for improving ... Read More

Gov 2.0 Excitement at a Peak?

BY Matthew Burton | Thursday, September 24 2009

You could be excused for being a bit exasperated by all the Gov2.0 news from the last few months. Those behind it deserve credit for generating so much attention for a topic as wonkish as government IT. But, phew: it's ... Read More

GOSCON date set for November 5

BY Matthew Burton | Tuesday, September 22 2009

GOSCON--the Government Open Source Conference, typically hosted in Portland, Oregon (a Mecca of the open source software movement)--is heading to DC this fall in order to draw more of the government community. Originally ... Read More

Schwarzenegger Co-opts Twitter for Budget Ideas

BY Matthew Burton | Saturday, September 19 2009

A few months ago, Governor Schwarzenegger used his Twitter account to request radical ideas for solving California's budget crisis. This request must have gotten a good response, because the tweet has spawned its own Web ... Read More