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Upgrading .Gov to Appeal to Millennials

BY Michael Connery | Monday, April 6 2009

(Promoted to the front page -- Nancy) There is a great article in The National Journal that deserves more attention: Ed.Gov's Tough Homework. The gist is this: young people are growing up in a world where technology ... Read More

Obama's Virtual Ad-Buy and the Gamer Constituency

BY Michael Connery | Wednesday, October 15 2008

As Game Politics broke last week, and Gigaom confirmed yesterday, Barack Obama is buying in-game advertising on X-box Live. The ads are photo-realistic and announce the start of early voting and promote Vote for Change, ... Read More

CountMore - Strategic Battleground Voting for Students

BY Michael Connery | Monday, September 22 2008

As we come up on voter registration deadlines, a lot of students may be asking themselves, "where should I vote?" Unlike the rest of us, college students have the luxury of deciding whether they would prefer to vote at ... Read More

The Significance of the Facebook Causes Giving Challenge

BY Michael Connery | Monday, February 4 2008

With the close of its Facebook Causes Giving Challenge, The Case Foundation has begun to fulfill the original promise many saw in the Facebook "Causes" application. Read More

MTV/MySpace Postmortem: Change vs. Experience vs. Ron Paul

BY Michael Connery | Sunday, February 3 2008

Last night on MTV, four candidates presented young voters with their closing arguments and got another lesson from Ron Paul in how online organizing really works. Read More

Live Blog from the Final MTV/MySpace Dialogue

BY Michael Connery | Saturday, February 2 2008

Live blogging "Closing Arguments," the MySpace/MTV Super Dialogue featuring Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ron Paul, and Mike Huckabee. Read More

Clinton, Huckabee Present Closing Arguments in Latest MTV/MySpace Dialogue

BY Michael Connery | Monday, January 28 2008

Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee hope that the MTV/MySpace Candidate Dialogue can increase their appeal to young voters on Super Tuesday. Read More

Fear and Vlogging on the Campaign Trail, 2008?

BY Michael Connery | Thursday, December 20 2007

MTV takes another innovative step into social media with the launch of its new citizen-journalist press corps. Read More

Another Take on McCain's MySpace/MTV Appearance

BY Michael Connery | Monday, December 3 2007

Despite a potentially hostile audience, McCain aced today's MTV/MySpace dialogue, which (despite a few kinks) continues to set the bar when it comes to creating a more transparent, participatory interaction between the ... Read More

Jott the Vote: A National Application Begging to Go Local?

BY Michael Connery | Friday, October 19 2007

Jott the Vote lets voters leave voice mail messages for their favorite (or despised) Presidential candidates. In a Presidential campaign, it's a novelty, but at the local level, Jott the Vote could be a leap forward in ... Read More