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Join the (public, collaborative) Debate About Obama's VP Choice

BY Dave Witzel | Tuesday, June 10 2008

Debategraph brings collaboration to Obama's VP selection process -- add your analysis. David Price, co-founder of Debategraph, will be taking question live and online tomorrow -- ask him about the process. Read More

Upcoming Online Interviews at PdF: Collective Intelligence and Xigi

BY Dave Witzel | Wednesday, May 28 2008

Join our live interview series. Participate in upcoming interviews with Mark Tovey, editor of "Collective Intelligence: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace," and Gary Bolles, CEO of Xigi. Read More

Talking with Mark Klein About The Collaboratorium

BY Dave Witzel | Sunday, May 25 2008

Mark Klein of The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence is working on, among other things, "The Collaboratorium. An online platform to "help large groups efficiently arrive at well-founded conclusions." Read More

YouTube Provides Policy Infrastructure

BY Dave Witzel | Friday, May 23 2008

We know YouTube is big in campaigns and capable of changing outcomes. But what about in the policy space? Congress wrestles with the YouTube logo while in the UK the PM partners. Ultimately, video of a blocked latrine ... Read More

Getting your governance group on

BY Dave Witzel | Thursday, May 22 2008

One of the bi-products of interest in government 2.0 issues by the web 2.0 crowd is lively networking. Not only do we have a busy calendar of live and virtual events, we're seeing emergence of lots of virtual groups too. ... Read More

Policy (and maybe some politics) Calendar and Upcoming Events: Week of 5/21/08

BY Dave Witzel | Wednesday, May 21 2008

We'll maintain a calendar for "policy (and maybe some politics)" events and conferences. Upcoming events include Netsquared, a call for participants for MobileActive08 in South Africa and Community Wireless in DC. Keep ... Read More

Policy (and maybe Politics) events: Week of 5/15/08

BY Dave Witzel | Thursday, May 15 2008

Berkman@10, email to Congress, and wireless - events of interest. Read More

Introducing PdF's Weekly Roundup: Policy, Not Politics

BY Dave Witzel | Monday, May 12 2008

PdF's new email newsletter, the Policy Not Politics Weekly Roundup, will discuss what the rise of the networked age means for small 'g' governance Read More

Of, By, For, and Open for the people

BY Dave Witzel | Friday, May 9 2008

At a talk on Monday, Ellen Miller, Executive Director of the Sunlight Foundation (Andrew and Micah are advisers to the Sunlight Foundation), said "there is a fundamental cultural change that has to happen not only with ... Read More

Where do you stand on

BY Dave Witzel | Wednesday, May 7 2008

People, issues, opinions. Where do you stand? Read More