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NYTIMES: YouTube GOP Recap, and Profile

BY Dan Manatt | Wednesday, November 28 2007

The Times take: less visually interesting than the Dem debate (by design), but voters again asked very interesting, serious questions: I think ... Read More

THE IOWA CAUCUSES: Obama Site Offers Cool Flash/Video Tutorial

BY Dan Manatt | Tuesday, November 27 2007

For the Iowa caucuses, the Obama campaign will be courting supporters of other candidates who fail to reach the "viable" threshold in the caucus meetings. Confused? With the Obama Website Caucus Center flash/video, even ... Read More


BY Dan Manatt | Thursday, September 27 2007

Web Video has seen yet another first this week: The Burmese protests mark the first Web Video mass protests, where the medium unquestionably has had a major impact on a political mass revolt. Read More