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Macaca Day 2009: From George Allen to Claire McCaskill, Video Trackers to Town Haters

BY Dan Manatt | Wednesday, August 12 2009

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of George Allen calling S.R. Siddarth “Macaca” while Siddarth’s camera rolled. Macaca Day, for those of us who make our living from video on the Internet and elsewhere, is a ... Read More

Web Video & the Obama Presidency: 10 Ways Team Obama Should Use MultiMedia

BY Dan Manatt | Wednesday, November 12 2008

TO: Obama Technology Team FROM: Dan Manatt/ DATE: November 12, 2008 RE: Web Video & the Obama Presidency Congratulations on the election and the transition. You revolutionized the way campaigns are run. ... Read More

HAPPY MACACA DAY!!!! Just Two Years Ago, YouTube Politics' Breakout Moment

BY Dan Manatt | Monday, August 18 2008

Just two years ago, the modern age of YouTube/Web Video Politics began: On 8.11.06, Sen. George Allen, a shoo-in for reelection and early favorite for the GOP 08 pres nomination, called Web Campaign video tracker S.R. ... Read More

Hillary Goes High Tech in Non-Concession Speech, Solicits Online Endgame Input; Did She Go Underground to Duck Barack's Call?

BY Dan Manatt | Tuesday, June 3 2008

In her non-concession speech, Hillary asks for input - but is it just to stall? Or a fundraising ploy? And did Peter Daou warn her about what Chris "Google Bomb" Bowers can do with an open invite like that? PLUS: Did ... Read More

COOL TECH TOOL:'s Delegate Counter Lets YOU Game Out the End-Game

BY Dan Manatt | Thursday, May 1 2008

How will the end game play out? You make the call! h/t Heather Read More

VIDEOCRACY 4.30.08: The Fort Bragg YouTube Video

BY Dan Manatt | Wednesday, April 30 2008

After weeks of gotchas from the e-paparazzi, which seemed to suggest Web Video is the medium only of the gaffe, along comes a Web Video exposé that restores faith in the new citizen medium. This YouTube video – ... Read More

Bittergate's Digital Import

BY Dan Manatt | Tuesday, April 15 2008

Politically, 2008's "Bittergate" will be but a bump in the road compared to 2006's "Macaca Moment". But Bittergate DOES serve as a key reminder of the Macaca Moment’s core communications lesson for 21st century ... Read More

FRANK RICH: Hillary's Town Hall Reviewed by the Butcher of Broadway

BY Dan Manatt | Sunday, February 10 2008

Rich's column focuses less on the technology aspect debated by Zephyr and myself earlier in the week, and Friday by Ari Melber, but worth reading: ... Read More

HILLARY'S TOWN HALL: Credit Where Credit Is Due

BY Dan Manatt | Tuesday, February 5 2008

I thought the Clinton town hall was pretty cool -- and pretty significant. Not because it was interactive-to-the-max (more on that below). Not because it was a great issues discussion for anyone who has been following ... Read More

PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES COMMISSION: Internet Questions Will Be Part of Fall 08 Debates

BY Dan Manatt | Monday, December 3 2007

The Commission on Presidential Debates, the de facto big cheeses on general election debates, watched the primary debates, and embraced the future. Read More