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We the Web of the United States

BY Mindy Finn | Friday, June 13 2008

On Wednesday (June 11), I joined a panel of eCampaign Directors for major presidential campaigns at a forum called, what else, the first 21st Century Campaign, sponsored by Google and National Journal. Peter Dauo for ... Read More

Clinton Camp Gets $$$ Joke

BY Mindy Finn | Thursday, April 24 2008

One year and two months later (exactly to the day since she “started the conversation”), the Hillary Clinton campaign is getting the joke Read More

Signing Off So Soon

BY Mindy Finn | Thursday, March 22 2007

Esteemed TechPresident writers and readers ... As you may know by now, I've joined the Romney campaign as Director of eStrategy, so I'm going to sign off as a regular contributor to TechPresident. ... Meanwhile, stay on ... Read More

Email from Future First Lady (or Gent)?

BY Mindy Finn | Sunday, February 25 2007

Continuing a review of potential prez candidate emails, today's topic is the use of a candidate's spouse to soften the candidate's image. In an earlier post, I mentioned that most of the campaigns have caught on to ... Read More

Who, What, When, How Much Email

BY Mindy Finn | Monday, February 19 2007

On February 1st, I used a new account to sign up for email from 25 potential prez candidates from both parties to study their use of the medium. Here's a summary of what I've found: 1. Most of the candidates have studied ... Read More