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Online Prez Debate Could Breathe Relevancy into Tired Format

BY Jack McEnany | Wednesday, April 25 2007

Will new technology fuel a new kind of presidential debate? Read More

MySpace Hopscotches NH

BY Jack McEnany | Saturday, April 7 2007

Will the MySpace prresidential primary straw poll tell us anything, everything, or nothing at all? Read More

The Dark Side of Transparency

BY Jack McEnany | Sunday, March 25 2007

Are campaign websites unwittingly giving up tidbits of info they'd rather not? Read More

Think Differently

BY Jack McEnany | Wednesday, March 21 2007

ParkRidge47 melds the medium and the message: Think for yourself. But rejecting the credit for something popular will always makes the MSM suspicious – anyone who refuses a byline must be hiding something. Read More

Obama-cast Seeks a Wide 'Net

BY Jack McEnany | Tuesday, March 13 2007

Obama may be on to something here: candidate coffees designed for voters. Read More

I Don't Heart Huckabee's

BY Jack McEnany | Tuesday, March 6 2007

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s presidential exploratory committee has a new site up: Graphically, it’s dark and rather funereal, like John McCain’s. C’mon guys, black is so twenty ... Read More

"Let the Redacted Conversation Begin"

BY Jack McEnany | Wednesday, February 14 2007

With the help of the web, the Clinton campaign ignores the negative, accentuates the positive. Read More

PrioritiesNH Aims to Set the Agenda

BY Jack McEnany | Friday, February 9 2007

PrioritiesNH is set to stir things up in the 2008 NH presidential primary. The Priorities project is the multi-media political arm of Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, a 700-member alliance of CEOs and business ... Read More