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Campaign like it's 1999: What's at stake in the GOP YouTube debate

BY Zack Exley | Friday, July 27 2007

GOP front runners seem to be bailing on the September 17 YouTube/CNN debate. Democrats should rejoice at this news. Here's why. Read More

As if The Bat never happened

BY Zack Exley | Friday, June 29 2007

On this day in the parallel universe of the 2003-2004 cycle, we were all watching history being made. The politics of money in presidential primaries was being turned on its head forever by a daring gamble by Joe Trippi. ... Read More

Got Organizers?

BY Zack Exley | Tuesday, June 26 2007

If you're hiring for a campaign, or any campaigning organization, please check out the incoming class of the New Organizing Institute's 2nd annual week-long intensive campaign training. Read More

"Vote Different" Was Funded

BY Zack Exley | Wednesday, March 21 2007

Why is the "Vote Different" creator still in hiding? There can only be one reason: the project was funded by a well known Obama supporter, or someone with very close and public connections to the Obama campaign. Don't ... Read More

A lesson from Bill Frist

BY Zack Exley | Friday, March 16 2007

I guess it's because he's not running for president that Bill Frist is now free to communicate like a normal human being. Presidential candidates should take a lesson. Read More

Party like it's 1929!

BY Zack Exley | Wednesday, February 28 2007

Housing bubble! Stock bubble! Tech bubble! Oh My! How would a world economic collapse affect the '08 race? Hard to say, since none of the candidates--or any of their minions--either D or R can even conceive of the ... Read More

March 2007: the New June 2003

BY Zack Exley | Thursday, February 15 2007

Dear candidates and campaign managers: Why is it, after grassroots donors gave hundreds of millions of dollars to Dem presidential candidates in the 2004 cycle, that you are now completely ignoring them in this cycle? ... Read More

Will Obama Put On the Makeup?

BY Zack Exley | Thursday, February 8 2007

Everyone knows the story about the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debate. Nixon showed up at the debate pale, with a terrible 5:00 shadow, and his shirt didn't fit. He refused to wear makeup to improve his appearance on TV, fearing ... Read More