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White House Opens "Open For Questions"

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, March 24 2009

I'm writing from my iPhone so I'll be brief and fill in more late. White House new media staffer and director of citizen engagement has announced that over at they are reviving's "Open for Questions" interactive forum. Perhaps today's stories in the WashPost and Politico critical of delays in implementing President Obama's promises to make more robust use of the web shook this loose; I'd prefer to claim credit on behalf of the "Ask the President" coalition.

Not clear as of this writing: how and when the President will respond to top questions. Perhaps someone will ask about it at tonite's press conference. As Nancy reports, Obama will be responding to some of the most popular questions this Thursday morning, at a live online town-hall. That should be very interesting. We're using our @open4questions Twitter account to track the metrics of participation as more people hear about this event.