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White House Goes Open(ish) for Questions on Gulf Oil Spill

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 10 2010

The Obama administration came into the White House with the reputation of being uber-agile at navigating the modern news environment. But those skills don't seem to have done much to help it counter the narrative that President Obama has dithered in the face of the Gulf coast oil spill. Perhaps a bit belatedly, they're pulling out the tools they made their tech-savvy reputation on to address public concern about the oil spill: the White House has just announced that environmental advisor Carol Browner will tomorrow take online questions via Twitter, Facebook, and web form on "how the government is responding to this crisis."

One correspondent points out that this iteration of the Obama White House's Open for Questions series does differ a bit from past ones. In other cases, the White House used Google Moderator or another ranking tool to give the public the time and opportunity to bubble questions to the top. In this case, it seems, the White House will be the ones picking questions from the pool of those submitted for tomorrow's session.