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White House front pages an invitation to comment

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 15 2009

Over on Technology Liberation Front, Cato's Jim Harper is thrilled with a small tweak to the homepage of that added a "Comment on Pending Legislation" option under the running list of Featured Legislation.

"Kudos to the White House," blogs Harper, "for moving toward full implementation of President Obama’s Sunlight Before Signing promise!" That's a reference to Obama's pledge, made both while a candidate and in the early days of his presidency, to post legislation sent to him by Congress for five full days before he signs it.

That said, getting to the point where you can submit a comment on pending legislation to the White House takes some doing. Clicking on the "Comment" option on the homepage directs you to a list of pending legislation. Currently four bills are on the list. Click on a bill title, and you get two options: read the bill, or comment on the legislation. Selecting the latter pulls up the White House's standard legislation web comment form, prepopulated with the bill's title.