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We the Ad Buyers: Spare Change Against Chuck Grassley

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, October 21 2010

The always-thinking organizers at the Progressive Campaign Change Committee and Democracy for America are trying a one-two old media-new media punch in their bid to bring down Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley.

The pair of progressive organizations filmed a television-quality video spot compiling some of the long-time senator's more cringe-worthy public statements and then, they say, made an initial ad buy in Des Moines TV market, airing the spot now through Monday. That's where something new comes in. PCCC and DFA are fundraising on the centralized progressive hub ActBlue to keep the spot running longer, giving, in theory, the progressive base in and out of Iowa an easy chance to chip in a few dollars to do their part to keep hammering at Grassley. The anti-Grassley fundraising pitch went up on ActBlue about two and a half hours ago. More than $14,000 has poured in thus far from more than 680 people, at an average donation of 21 bucks.

PCCC and DFA's anti-Grassley ad is designed to be self sustaining. The ad closes with an appeal to viewer to "Help keep this ad on TV," and sending them to, a domain that, at the moment, redirects right to the ActBlue fundraising campaign.

As some commenters on Daily Kos point out, this race doesn't exactly look close. But progressives would love to put a few dings in Grassley, and make Republicans spend money on the race -- something Grassley's already been doing. The Des Moines Register reported this morning that Grassley has considerably outspent his Democratic opponent Roxanne Conlin on TV ads in the last two weeks of October, some $266,000 to $76,000.