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Visualizing Government 2.0 Camp

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 2 2009

We were curious about just who it was who attended last weekend's Government 2.0 Camp in Washington DC. Who has enough interest in good government to spend their free time brainstorming about the next generation of civic participation? Was this a gathering of, as our new contributing blogger Sheila Campbell recently put it, "we-want-to-reform-government" folks? Was this a meet-up of people toiling away inside government? It's a critical question as Gov 2.0 goes from niche interest to what may turn out to be a significant movement. So we poured the published RSVP list into Many Eyes, IBM's rather remarkable free visualization engine. What spit out the other end is above. Go ahead and click around. Some of the more immediate observations: this was a meeting of both reform government and inside government folks, with a smattering of advocacy, media, and academic people as well. And the Department of Defense had enough people on the scene to take over more than a few lunch tables.