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Video of the Day: Weiner Roasts Republicans Over 9/11 Bill

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, July 30 2010

An email landed in my inbox just now, from sender Rep. Anthony Weiner. Subject line: "Important." Cynic that I can sometimes be, I expected to see a donation ask from Weiner based on the fiery video going around. In it, Weiner lambasts Republicans for objecting to 9/11 responder compensation on the grounds that Democrats brought the bill up for a 2/3rds vote in the House, rather than open it up to Republican amendments. It's eye-catching stuff, particular when Weiner pounds a finger into the podium while shouting, "Vote yes if you believe yes!"

Perhaps I needn't be so cynical, at least in this case. Weiner's email simply points to an MSNBC of the exchange (condensed somewhat to save space):

There's a simple principle that should apply to everyone. You stand up for what you believe. Congress is no different. Your elected representatives should vote what they believe.

The last two years, we've seen Republicans choose a different approach: hide behind procedure, focus on obstruction. Yesterday, they used that tactic to defeat a bill that would have sent money to help the men and women who have become sick from the toxins released during the 9/11 attacks.

New York is my home. It's where I'm from and who I am. These people are my neighbors. As you can imagine, I got pretty mad. But that's because I think you should fight for what you believe in.

You can see here what I said, and why I think this is an important argument.

We can't let Washington trample over our neighbors and friends as part of a phony political tactic. It's time to stand up and fight. Don't you agree?


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