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Twitter: First the Congress Folk, then the Anchors...

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, February 23 2009

So, there's this thing called Twitter, that's kinda a micro-blogging tool...oh, you've heard of it? Cool. So has Washington, it seems. Something happened in the last three weeks or so to tip thinking about Twitter, and you can't turn around these days without bumping into a story about how this politico or that newsperson is tweeting -- like this one, from Politico's Patrick Gavin, on the top 10 DC Twitterers.

Gavin's Barack Obama (a.k.a. #4) pick is an interesting choice, given that he's posted a grand total of twice since election day. (Same goes for #10, @algore.) There's a good argument to be made that what's much more interesting/powerful/addictive about Twitter is the relative meritocritousness of it all. Within the bounds of that 140-character box, you rest on your tweets, not your laurels. It may be a strange DC twist to heap recognition on the Twittering of people who don't actually, you know, post on Twitter.

Elsewhere on the Twittertonian (Twitter + Washington, get it?) front : CNN covers the Congress on Twitter beat, news anchors have taken to Twitter, and Mike Allen does his state of play.