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Tweet the Vote, New York City-style

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, September 15 2009

It's Primary Day here in New York state, as well as various cities around the country, and while turnout is expected to be low (just 15% in NYC), we're going to keep our eyes on ways that candidates and/or activists are using social media to get out the vote. Here's a look at how the words "vote," "voted" and "vote today" are trending on Twitter, for starters.

Various candidates are using their Twitter feeds to remind people to vote, including Democrats Bill Thompson, who is vying to be the Democratic nominee for Mayor; (715 followers)

Public Advocate candidates Norman Siegel (476 followers), who released a letter to voters about his candidacy;

and Mark Green (231 followers), who has been tweeting out 100 innovative ideas that he wants to implement if he become Public Advocate again: