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Tweet, Tweet New Jersey

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, May 14 2010

Some bipartisan comity taking place on Twitter, via Dave Weigel. Here's recently-elected New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie tweeting a thumbs up to recently re-elected Democratic Newark Mayor Cory Booker:

@CoryBooker Congrats on the election victory. You’re doing great things for the city of Newark. Keep it up

No response yet from Booker. Christie is also in the middle of a campaign to re-tweet New Jerseyans' posts about what they love about the Garden State. For example:

@emhnj: @GovChristie You can get a pork roll egg & cheese @ 2am, & that the guy behind the counter appreciates you as much as you do him. That's NJ!

As a New Jerseyan by birth, lemme say, Amen. Other things Christie's Twitter correspondents love about the state: 24-hour diners, hoagie rolls, and lest you think New Jersey is about nothing but food, the beaches.