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Tories Get Their Retro Posters On

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 13 2010

Credit: The Conservative Party

The Conservative Party in the UK just tweeted out word that nine "great retro posters" are now available for download on Flickr.

The posters are well designed, with a center sort of what we might call on this side of the water "hipster chic." The series is of a piece with the Tories bid to paint their party as personable, hip, citizen-centric, and yet still assuredly anti-big government in the election scheduled for May 6th.

One slight hiccup: the Flickr images are marked with a © All rights reserved -- which would make downloading them and using them in many cases a legal no-no.

Update: That didn't take long. The copyright mark has been pulled from the posters, replaced by a Creative Commons licence that allows non-commercial uses, with attribution, though no derivative works.