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Three Ways to Rev Up the Web Campaigns

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, January 24 2008

[Here's an excerpt of my and Andrew Rasiej's latest column in the]

The way it looks now, there is a strong possibility that both the Democratic and Republican nomination contests are not going to be resolved with a quick knockout blow that gives one contender in either party the momentum to force his or her opponents to drop out.

Instead, we are heading into territory not charted in modern political times, with the leading contenders on a long slog toward the conventions — and in need of new infusions of money and volunteers to help them chase down voters and, ultimately, delegates.

We’ve watched the race closely, and while the presidential campaigns are all investing resources in well-designed websites, online fundraising and social networking to varying degrees, there’s still a lot that they could be doing to give them an edge.

Here are three proven ideas that we offer to the field on a nonpartisan basis.
1) Open up your fundraising data, a la Ron Paul.
2) Get intimate with web video, a la British Member of Parliament David Cameron.
3) Take voters' ideas seriously, a la Since Sliced Bread.

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