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They're Probably Just Looking at Wikileaks

BY Nick Judd | Monday, December 6 2010

By digging into anonymized data on browsing habits from users of Firefox's "Test Pilot" plugin, Slate's Jeremy Singer-Vine points readers to a Mashable article from earlier this year on Firefox's "Private Browsing" feature:

Some Firefox users opted into a study called “Week in the Life of a Browser” that recorded their browser usage; and while the researchers didn’t record what users were doing or what sites they were visiting while they were in private mode, they did track when those users turned it on and off. They identified four daily spikes in usage.

The first is around lunchtime, then there’s another right after people get home from work around 5:00 PM. Then there’s a spike around 10:00 PM and a final, smaller one a couple hours after midnight.

Maybe these Firefox users are sifting through secret government memos or starting their own Wikileaks mirror?