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Technologists and Train Fans Meet This Weekend at TransportationCamp East

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, March 2 2011

Technologists and transportation policy wonks will meet this weekend at TransportationCamp East. Photo: Mandiberg / Flickr

From San Francisco to Boston, the worlds of public policy and technology are coming together.

This isn't always without friction — after all, what many people are asking for is the ability to more closely watch what their government is doing, and that raises questions of privacy, security and expense. But where public transportation is concerned, geeks and wonks seem to get along famously well.

The folks at OpenPlans, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, are convening east coast civic hackers and government workers for TransportationCamp East, a two-day unconference at the New York Law School Institute for Information Law and Policy this weekend focused on connecting the people on both sides of these partnerships. A companion event, TransportationCamp West, takes place in San Francisco later this month.

TransportationCamp East will feature keynote speakers introduced by former White House Open Government Initiative Director Beth Noveck, and lunchtime remarks from new U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer Chris Vein and Union Square Ventures' Brad Burnham.

As with all unconferences, the agenda won't be decided until the participants choose what they want to talk about. The attendee list and the discussion topics are up on the web, and seem to run the gamut of transportation modes, proposing discussions about walking, trains, bicycle policy and more.

TransportationCamp East is all booked up, but if you're going, I'll see you there.