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Swine Flu Point Oh

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, April 27 2009


The CDC is attempting to be all over swine flu like stink on a pig farm. The Twitter channel @CDCemergency is feeding out the latest official news on the outbreak -- like the news that the recommended treatment for swine flu is the scary sounding oseltamivir and zanamivir. And they're keeping up a lively section at You might want to turn to these official channels in these uncertain times, because Foreign Policy's Evgeny Morozov is making the case that we civilians are behaving badly on Twitter, spreading misinformation and sparking hysteria. That's a pretty broad brush Morozov's painting with, though -- dangerously close to the curmudgeonly take on new technologies that always seem to follow the initial burst of enthusiasm, just after we all realize that we've all behaved like giddy school children given a new toy to play with. We certainly managed in the past to get plenty worked up about bird flu without the benefit of Twitter, no?

Anyhoo, what are you seeing on the swine flu front online?