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Susan Crawford at PdF '10: Rethinking Broadband

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 8 2010

Susan Crawford delivered a crowd-silencing address at PdF '10 in which she challenged the Internet-lovin' crowd to take some responsibility for the future of the global network.

Crawford is a law professor at the University of Michigan who recently spent a year in government service on the White House's National Economic Council. In her talk, Crawford took particular issue with something that Wikipedia's founder had said earlier in the PdF slate of events. "The Jimmy Wales response [of] 'I make websites' is no longer appropriate or sufficient," said Crawford.

Wales has pushed back, arguing that his considerable success as an online entrepreneur doesn't necessarily equip him with the expertise to comment on such matters as ensuring for net neutrality, boosting broadband access to underserved parts of the country, and other complicated matters that raise questions of the role regulation and government involvement should play in bringing technology to the people. More on that here.

But go ahead and watch Crawford's 16-minute talk on "Rethinking Broadband" to get some grounding on this debate. If you care about the Internet, it's a worthwhile way to spend a half a half an hour.