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Sunday Morning Post-Kos Notes

BY Micah L. Sifry | Sunday, August 5 2007

The techPresident team left YearlyKos yesterday evening, before Markos Moulitsas's keynote, and we're taking today off to catch our breath and nurse our sore feet (it was not for nothing that some were calling YK the "Blogger Exercise Conference"). Here are a couple of quick thoughts and quick links in case you can't enjoy a Sunday in August without your techPresident hit:

* They're renaming YearlyKos "Netroots Nation" for next year, making the separation from the DailyKos blog more formal. But there's also rumblings in the small-n netroots that this year's convention got away from them and into the hands of far too many professional activist shops. On the other hand, people also seem to have enjoyed the cross-fertilization that occurred at YKos this year between the netroots, labor, and other longstanding Democratic interest groups.

* The Right is picking itself up off the floor and trying to rally its troops to stop wringing its hands about "Where's Our YearlyKos?" For two cogent takes on this point, see tP blogger Patrick Ruffini writing on the Hugh Hewitt Townhall blog and Washington Examiner editorial page editor Mark Tapscott here. Their argument, in a nutshell: the Right's online base is bigger than the Left's, but it's all stuck in Web 1.0 top-down practices.

* Tomorrow morning's Daily Digest will cover all the YKos coverage worth covering, plus hopefully somebody is paying attention to that Republican debate...but in the meantime don't miss the list of "2008 internet-based standouts" put together by MyDD's Jerome Armstrong (with Adam Conner and Jonathan Singer). I think they missed one or two important moves (like the Edwards Eventful gambit), and maybe if I have time I'll work on a longer response.