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Someone's Hijacked Rudy's Tweets!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, November 21 2007

Blogger Blue NoVA subscribes to all of the candidates’ Twitter accounts, and today he noticed a doozy from the Giuliani campaign: “i wish someone from my campaign would actually use this,” “Giuliani” Twittered earlier today!

Clearly, since the Giuliani campaign hasn’t taken control of his name on Twitter, someone did if for him. It’s another example of how he just doesn’t care about online interaction.

It’s also pretty funny.

Note the second tweet on his page: “Sitting down to a nice bowl of frosted mini-wheats”! That was back in May though; he’s probably moved on to Corn Puffs by now.

This is the only case I’ve found of someone hijacking a candidates’ name on Twitter. Some candidates — like Fred Thompson, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, and Barack Obama — are fairly frequent twitterers. And as I noted in today’s Daily Digest, some Members of Congress are getting into the micro-action too. The other presidential candidates (aside from Giuliani) apparently own their names, but haven’t twittified.

Bill Richardson technically uses the service, but so far he’s only tweeted once: