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"Social Networking and the Presidential Campaigns" at the Politics Online Conference

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Friday, February 22 2008

For those of you attending (or thinking of attending) the upcoming Politics Online Conference, consider attending a panel I have assembled: Social Networking/Media Strategy of the Presidential Campaigns. While it may be too soon to say that this aspect of online campaigns is the "be all, end all" of online strategy, there have been some great innovations in this space this campaign cycle.

The panel includes Justine Lam, eCampaign Director for Ron Paul; Amy Rubin, former Deputy Director of New Media for John Edwards; Katie Harbath, Deputy eCampaign Director for Rudy Giuliani; and Michael Turk, former eCampaign Director for Bush-Cheney ‘04 and fellow blogger at

The panel will explore two contrasting views of using the social web for campaigns: it has not been useful (for some) and it has been essential (for others). I suppose where you sit is where you stand.

In any event, come join us at 3:30p on March 4 and join the debate.