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Science Proves Young People Love Mobile Phones

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 4 2010

Those of those who remember the days back when the Zack Morris and his football-sized cell phone were cultural icons before they were the subjects of a Jimmy Fallon running gag might be most struck by one particular finding from Pew Internet & American Life Project's new report on social media and young people, ages 18-29: a full 93% of the so-called Millennial Generation in the U.S. personally own a mobile phone.

For those folks eager to connect with young people potential voters, the Pew report is chock full of useful insights. Blogging, for example, has held study amongst the fogey set -- 30+ -- since 2006, but has declined amongst teens, from 28% t0 14%. Younger people are more likely than their older peers to be on social networks, and the social site they're on is more likely to be MySpace (66% of younger people are on MySpace compared to 36% of over 30ers). Politicians ignoring MySpace are, it seems, not only letting class blindness get in the way, they're letting age-ism render them less effective.

As for Twitter? Just 8% of Internet users ages 12 to 17 tweet. But two-thirds of them text. Seriously, young people -- they love their mobile phones. Probably helps that they can fit them in their pockets.