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RNC Shifts New Media to Field

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, August 17 2010

Republican strategists in the know point out an aspect of the RNC new media team shake-up that wasn't clear to me at first: new media staffers reassigned to the RNC's Victory Program for the mid-term elections are being tasked to the wing of the GOP that handles the nuts-and-bolts of campaigns, including door knocking, making phone calls, following up with absentee voters, and other campaign field tasks. The nature of that work, suggests insiders, might be leaving RNC new media staffers feeling like they've suffered a significant demotion.

The Republican National Committee has struggled in the fundraising department this cycle, and two weeks ago the party secured a $10 million line of credit that would be directed, in its entirety, to the GOTV Victory programs. Shifting new media staffers to Victory work saves the party from having to hire on additional staff to do that campaign work for the upcoming mid-term elections.

But some critics suggest that the RNC is opting for short-term thinking that might further lessen the RNC's ability to raise funds by cutting down on the staff that can write fundraising emails and run money-raising online efforts like the RNC's Fire Pelosi drive.

During the critical 2008 campaign, say those with a perspective on the situation, the RNC's new media staffers remained assigned to new media work throughout the cycle, apart from some work pitching in to help out local candidates in the field.

Calls to the RNC communications office went unanswered.