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The Real Roland Burris Please Stand Up

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 3 2009

Roland Burris for U.S. SenateGiven that Illinois' junior senator Roland Burris has made noise about standing down at the end of his current term, the "Support Burris" website that popped up of late raised eyebrows. Some back channel chatter questioned whether the site was a legitimate one, but the AP's Henry C. Jackson has the senator's Capitol Hill office saying that the site is the real deal. It might be legit, but it's not exactly a rich cache of all-things-Burris. The "Accomplishments," "Endorsements," and "Legislation" sections are completely blank, with nary a tiny orange cone or "Coming Soon!" banner in site. BuzzFlash's Meg White reports that the WhoIs record points to Jason Erkes -- a Burris communications aide who has recently departed the good senator's service. (Conspiracy alert: One source questions why the site is "powered" by, a San Diego firm whose client list tends to lean Republican.)