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Radiohead Republicans

BY Patrick Ruffini | Friday, October 26 2007

There just aren't that many of them.

But there are plenty more interested in the Bible, Country music, Sportscenter, watching 24, and playing Halo 3 on their Xbox.

Meanwhile, liberals watch the Daily Show, love Radiohead (by a 6-to-1 margin over conservatives), and (speaking as a Republican) let's just say I like who Stephen Colbert takes votes from.

This is all part of my deep dive into Facebook demographic data provided at by the Flyers Pro advertising engine. I've just updated the spreadsheet. (See part I of this series for more.) The data looks like this:

I've also added another column for the percentage of people who specify an ideology (this isn't perfect since Libertarians are excluded). This is a proxy for how interested politically you are.

The most politically jazzed up constituency are those who say they're interested in politics (78%), followed by West Wing fans (72%), Capitol Hill staffers (69%), and Daily Show viewers (65%). The least? Those who work at Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google (in the 30s).

People who specify "Politics" as an interest in are 53-25% liberal over conservative as compared to a 9 point liberal lead on the Facebook network.

But Britney Spears fans are 49% to 26% liberal.

If you find this data fascinating and want to help build on it, log into Facebook, go to this page (note: you can only get stats as a Facebook member), and plug in what ever common interest (movie, TV show, pastime, whatever) in the keyword field. Jot down four data points, starting with the number of people who match that interest overall, and the numbers that appear when you tick off the Liberal, Moderate, and Conservative checkboxes. Then post it in the comments.

Could Facebook be the greatest microtargeting engine ever built?