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Quote of the Day: Wisconsin Humor

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 24 2011 - Thank god for CNN or I'd never know what's on Twitter

-- Yesterday, it was a quote buried in a David Dayen post on Firedoglake that's full of color from the protests inside the Wisconsin State Capitol: "As you walk into the Capitol, the walls are basically covered, and not just with protest slogans and witticisms, though they are there as well ('Hey Stewart/Colbert, we came to your rally, now come to ours'; 'The Curdish rebels of Wisconsin'; 'Thank God for CNN or I’d never know what’s on Twitter'). Scott Walker is getting a lot of mockery as well; my favorite banner read 'Hey Scott Walker, this is David Koch, will you talk to me?'"

As of this afternoon, it's an electronic greeting card.