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Quote of the Day: The New Media Ecosystem

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, September 22 2010

"Here's the deal: when I get a friendly press outlet -- not so much the guy that's interviewing me -- it's their audience that I'm trying to reach. So, if I can get on Rush Limbaugh, and I can say, 'Harry Reid needs $25 million. I need a million people to send twenty five dollars to' The day I was able to say that [even], he made $236,000 dollars. That's why it's so important.

-- Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle sketches out how you go about tapping national conservative radio and television for money, cash that the Internet then ably captures. Angle went on to say that it doesn't matter if the interviewer is adversarial, the effect's the same: "[W]hen I said it on Sean Hannity's television show we made $40,000 before we even got out of the studio in New York." (via Taegan Goddard)

Added: Oh, here's a bit more. Angle seems here to be talking about the mesmerizing effect of website displays of fundraising totals: "Go on my website, it starts coming in. We have an automatic…when you put your name in there and it doesn’t tell how much you gave, but it tells your name and where you’re from. And so you can just watch it; it just rolls like this."