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Quote of the Day III: The Tech Arms Race

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, September 27 2010

It's the nature of politics. Things leapfrog.


-- Ed Gillespie, GOP strategist and former RNC chair, nods in agreement when Mike Allen of Politico lays out the premise that while Republicans had the technological lead in 2004, Democrats did them several better in the 2008 presidential election, and in particular with the Obama campaign. Gillespie then seemed to tie those cycles of innovation to the fundraising dedicated inside and outside the party to making those advancement, and made the case that the constant changes in the political environment means that in order to have successful '10 and '12 elections, Republicans need to pay attention to the "need to adapt technologically."

Asked about what seems to be an enthusiasm gap between Republican and Democratic voters which favors the former, a gap perhaps reflected in online energy, Gillespie had some sympathy for Democrats in power. "The intensity," he said, "tends to be on the side of the folks who are outside."