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Quote of the Day: Axelrod on Speed

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, September 27 2010

You can start a race up much more quickly than you can in the past.

-- David Axelrod, White House adviser, responds to Politico's Mike Allen's question about which Republican most scares him by pointing out that fundraising and organizing takes less time now that it might have in the past. Thus, the Republican candidate posing the greatest threat to President Obama's re-election bid might not be someone high on the Democrats' radar at this point in the election cycle.

Axelrod also expressed the opinion that the influence GOP strategists like his co-panelist Ed Gillespie over picking candidates and nominees was being checked by the rise of tea party and other distributed conservative elements, saying, "now they have this grassroots movement within the party, and I think think there's going to be a struggle." Informed, no doubt, by his own tussle with Hillary Clinton in the '08 campaign, Axelrod said that Republican elders probably still hold onto a conception of themselves as kingmakers going into 2012, but, said Axelrod, gently, "I'm not sure that that's the case."