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Q&A on Federal Register XML

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, October 7 2009

Over on O'Reilly Radar, Carl Malamud has a chat with Federal Register director Ray Mosley and the Government Printing Office's Michael Wash, based on questions on the new Federal Register in XML that Malamud collected from the various folks on the Internet. If the nuances of SGML to XML conversion strike you as the most exciting thing in the world, than this is the chat for you.

But what's really powerful here is that this sort of conversation is happening at all. Government officials make what's really a technocratic change to an obscure government process and then go right to advocates, interested bloggers, and the public to hash over the details? Participatory government in action, folks, or at least one style of it .

Oh, and there's a bit of new news in the interview: the Federal Register will soon be available through RSS, so you can get nearly real-time feeds of the data.