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Protecting Elections with Cereal. Yes, Cereal.

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 20 2010

Credit: frontlineblogger

During our panel session on election protection at the 140 Character Conference this morning, Joe Trippi told the most amazing story, about smuggling Flip video cameras into Zimbabwe during the 2008 election. I got a few more details from Trippi backstage.

In brief, Trippi said that while he was working on the ground in Zimbabwe to do voter turnout work as part of the Morgan Tsvangirai campaign against Robert Mugabe, they had palm-sized and relatively inexpensive Flip video cameras (the newest model, said Trippi) sealed inside cereal boxes in a South African factory. Zimbabwean women met them on the South Africa side of the border, and -- at considerable risk -- walked the boxes back into the country.

The idea behind equipping the women with the cameras was to give them a way to monitor how the election went.