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The Point and Purpose of Think Progress

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, October 12 2009

Politico's Daniel Libit asks if Think Progress, the in-house blog of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, can still find purpose in a world where there's a Democrat in the White House and Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. Born in the Bush years, CAP was founded as a sort of shadow government, to keep alive a vision of what a progressive establishment would look like until the era of Republican dominance drew to a close, whenever that might be. So what now? Think Progress, by its editors' own admission, has adapted to the new world order by focusing considerable energies to the stars shining brightest on the right right now, namely commentators like Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and Lou Dobbs -- with a considerable helping of the provocative things that Republicans say, captured by Think Progress' trackers who are equipped with video cameras. Worth a read.