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Picking Up the Phone for the GOP

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, October 12 2010

Promising that "most Americans really respect political volunteerism," RNC Political Director Gentry Collins announces the launch of the GOP's new Call from Home tool, based at

And just in case they don't, Collins reassures that the only number that will pop up on targets' caller ID will be that of the local Republican Party office, not the volunteers.

Continuing in the theme they've held onto throughout this mid-term push, they're calling the pre-midterm effort "40 Phone Calls to Fire Nancy Pelosi." In addition to making 40 calls, the RNC is making the fairly large ask of calling on supporters to recruit 40 friends to do the same.

The tool pulls contacts from the RNC Voter Vault system, and feeds back feedback gathered from the calls into the same. "This is the gritty work that wins elections," says the GOP in an email, "and it will make the difference this year. Thank you for your continued efforts on behalf of the cause of liberty. Republicans won't forget it."