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A People-Powered Plum: Can Geoghegan Make It?

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 26 2009

Geoghegan for Congress | Democrat for Illinois’ fifth districtThere's a special election happening in Chicago next Tuesday that's worth keeping an eye on as a snapshot of what "netroots" involvement in a hotly-contested local race looks like circa 2009. Online progressives have gone all-in on labor lawyer Tom Geoghegan's bid to fill the fifth congressional district seat recently vacated by Rahm Emanuel. (Rahm got another job or something? Not sure.) The new Progressive Change Campaign Committee -- formed by veterans of MoveOn and the campaign of netroots favorite Darcy Burner, among others -- picked Geoghegan to be the first test case in their drive to get boldly progressive and people-powered candidates in office. Just a few bucks short of $200,000 has been raised for Geoghegan on ActBlue. And, for what it's worth, the Chicago Sun-Times' Laura Washington called Geoghegan "Joe Trippi's Internet adoptee."

A Geoghegan victory in what's turned out to be a wide-open field with no Democratic establishment candidate would be a nice notch on the belt for PCCC and others. At the least, it would save them from another biting "Anatomy of a Netroots Failure" article like the one the American Prospect ran on Burner's second-place finish in her race. The election's Tuesday. Stay tuned.

VIDEO | Geoghegan put together a video thanking "netroots activists" for their support: